About Us

Our yesteryears

Instant Legal Descriptions has been in the title-search business providing accurate legals to lawyers and their office staff for over thirty years. We can be counted on for providing current title information and hard to find legals are our specialty. Instant Legal is the office to call for quick PID searches and also complex legals which may be related to Crown Land. If a legal description is all you have we can match it to a civic in no time at all. Give us a call at (604) 585-1108....we are here to help you.

Our mission and vision

It has always been our mission to live up to the expectation of our customers. It is indeed a proud moment to announce that we have so far been successful to have done so and have received several accolades from our customers for our valued and professional service. We are thankful to our entire customer base for having faith in us and relying on us for A+ rated services.

Our prices

  • Address Search for PID
    PID and Registered Owner $15.00
  • Civic Search from PID
    Address and Registered Owner$15.00
  • Corporate Search
    Business Address and Name of Director(s) - document emailed $26.50
  • First Nations Land Search
    Land Abstract and Mapping emailed $22.50
  • Strata Plan
    Plan # and Registered Owner for Single Unit $15.00
  • Entire Strata Plan
    Emailed list of Unit #'s and Owner Names$1.00 per unit #
  • Title Search Document
    PID located with Civic Address - Title document emailed $28.50
  • Property Sub-Search
    Title, Form A Transfer, & Form B Mortgage - documents emailed $58.50
  • Owner Name Search $22.50 per property
    Civic address provided. There is an additional charge of $18.50 for title if required.

All prices in Canadian funds, plus GST

Bulk discounts may apply

More on us

Land title search

Ownership of land is registered in the Land Title Office (LTO) and a 'title' is registered to the owner. Anyone may obtain a title search as documents registered in the land title offices are matters of public record.

What a title search includes

A Land Title Search provides information on land ownership and will identify any charges, liens or encumbrances registered against a property.

Corporate search

Businesses or individuals may wish to obtain a Corporate Search on a company before conducting business or setting up accounts with them.

Who we are

We have been in the Land Title Search business for over thirty years. We can be counted on to provide current land title information. Hard to find legal’s are our specialty.