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Land Title Search

A Land Title Search  provides information on land ownership and will identify any charges, liens or encumbrances registered against a property.   

Ownership of land is registered in the Land Title Office (LTO) and a 'title' is registered to the owner. Let Instant Legals help you obtain the correct Land Title for your needs. Simply provide the civic address (or owner name if address unavailable) and the title will be emailed to you within minutes  Call Now! 604-585-1108

Corporate Search

Businesses or individuals may wish to obtain a Corporate Search on a company before conducting business or setting up accounts with them.  Instant Legals can help you find the correct information and provide results to you within minutes!  Call Now!  


Friendly Service

The friendly professionals at Instant Legals have been trained in researching land title legal descriptions from records dating back to 1979.  If you are looking to identify a PID on a property in all of British Columbia, do not hesitate to give us a call!


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Our Team

Agent #1

Laura is happy to assist you in your land title requirements paying close attention to the details. She has been researching land titles/PIDS/Legal Descriptions since 2011 and thoroughly loves it! :)

Agent #2

Sue is very knowledgeable in land title matters and her research notes are a great proof of this. Prior to Sue and Laura, there was a team of four women researching property legals, back in the good old days before computers hit the scene. Faxing was the method in those days. Having recently retired, Sue has been a great mentor to Laura.  Give Laura a call today!  604-585-1108

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