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Are you having trouble finding a land-title PID or legal description? Are you in need of obtaining a land-title confirmation? Being a professional service provider, Instant Legal is eager to help you as and when required. It is understandable that it may not be easy to know exactly how to obtain a title for property and we are here to stand by your side in assistance. We will provide land title information quickly, with feedback either by phone or email. We can be reached at (604) 585-1108 or email us at instantlegal@telus.net.

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Being a professional land-title search company, we understand what utmost professionalism is all about and how to approach business standards. At the same time we are duty bound in making your business transactions smooth and absolutely seamless.

How we go about with the process

Our search generally involves going through land-title records and confirming as per civic address. Title records are public records listing ownership and we work accordingly in order to bring about fruitful results.

Advantages of availing our services

We are here to provide you assurance that the particular land title you are requiring is accurate per requested civic address.

You can count on us for valued and professional service.

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Land title search

Ownership of land is registered in the Land Title Office (LTO) and a 'title' is registered to the owner. Anyone may obtain a title search as documents registered in the land title offices are matters of public record.

What a title search includes

A Land Title Search provides information on land ownership and will identify any charges, liens or encumbrances registered against a property.

Corporate search

Businesses or individuals may wish to obtain a Corporate Search on a company before conducting business or setting up accounts with them.

Who we are

We have been in the Land Title Search business for over thirty years. We can be counted on to provide current land title information. Hard to find legal’s are our specialty.